JVC V-Saturn

 Now, here’s an example of why every collector should visit Japan at least once, and preferably multiple times, with as many empty duffle bags as you think you can carry full on the way back. I’m lucky enough in that I have family there now so I’m actually required to visit every now and again, and I try to make the most of it whenever I do. There are actually many systems, accessories and games I regret not buying when I was there (such as a NIB Famicom top-loader for $25), but you do have to draw the line somewhere and two arms can only carry so much. This, however, is a system I’ve wanted for a long time so when I saw it sitting there in a cabinet full of used games for only around $15 I had to pick it up.

1,780 yen, about $15, and no, I have never taken the system out of its plastic and probably never will. I have no real reason to, as I have a perfectly good common American Saturn; this thing’s just to have. I have no doubt it works, as they don’t sell broken used systems in Japan – every system is tested prior to marking it for sale and any defects must be clearly noted on the label. Stores there also will generally not accept any cosmetic defects, so it truly is a collector’s paradise.

There’s honestly nothing all that special about the V-Saturn, it’s just one of the several Sega Saturn variants marketed under other brand names – I hope to collect them all eventually. Not only Sega sold Saturns but also JVC, Hitachi, and Samsung at the very least. The rear label actually makes me think JVC produced this system themselves rather than simply re-branding it:

Another, closer view of the system itself – I’ve always thought the Saturn was a nice-looking console:

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