Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Man, for some reason the fact that my backdrop is a dirty pink tablecloth is really obvious in the above pic.

Anyway, this is a Japanese GBA, functionally identical to the US model with the only difference being the sticker on the back. This is also a launch system – purchased from an import store here in New York. The case came direct from Nintendo (I had some contacts with them at the time). I was really excited about this launch – I was working in the game industry so I got sort of caught up in the hype, and by that time I’d completely gotten over my anti-handheld bias. Plus, it was the first true upgrade of the Game Boy’s internal hardware since the system’s launch in 1989 (color screens don’t count).

At the time I bought this, the only colors available for the system were white with grey trim, clear purple with orange trim, and purple with white trim. I thought white was the most tasteful looking. Now that the SP (and DS) are on the market, though, this thing looks a little clunky – and it’s also yellowing around the edges (why oh why do Nintendo products always have this problem?).

In keeping with all my handheld pages, I’ve taken a pic of the screen in action. It’s a little blurred because of the motion in the game itself vs. my exposure time, but just compare it to the screens on the Lynx and Game Gear (obviously older systems, but the GB line has always had sharper, higher-contrast screens than the competition):

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