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Obviously, I collect more than just systems – I’ve been known to have a game or two to go with them. I’m not even close to a complete collection for any system, though, and my approach is haphazard at best.

I do buy/sell/trade, so if you’re looking to unload anything or if you’re dying to have anything you see here, drop me an email. Maybe we can work something out.

Here’s my entire game collection (give or take a few I may have missed, and accessories not included) in a more-or-less complete Excel spreadsheet, current as of 02/06/06. Be sure to click the tabs at the bottom to switch between systems – there’s a separate worksheet for each system I own.

I wasn’t about to take pics of every game I own individually, but I took some photos of them collectively sitting on shelves and in drawers. I’ve also taken some photos of some of my rarer games separately but I’m debating whether or not to spend my bandwidth on posting them…

I’ll actually start with my accessories drawer, since I haven’t mentioned accessories anywhere else on the site to this point:

Starting more or less from left to right (and up and down), we have:

Three Sega Saturn Virtua/Stunner Guns (two orange, one black Japanese model), a red Sega Dreamcast controller, a Madcatz MicroCon GameCube controller, a stock grey Dreamcast controller, the original (big) MS Xbox controller with a Sega Saturn pad peeking out from underneath, a Nintendo Rumble Pak, a Sega Saturn 3D controller with both versions of the Saturn pack-in controller next to it, a Dreamcast arcade stick (you can see the green ball poking out), an original non-analog PlayStation controller with a grey Dual Shock controller underneath (hard to really see here), a Dreamcast Blaster gun, my two Sears Video Arcade II controllers along with a couple of Atari 2600 joysticks, two Dreamcast “puru puru” packs (vibration packs), some Sega VMU’s, some GameBoy accessories (battery backs, screen covers, etc.) and some boxed and non-boxed games of various kinds.

A few more accessories (and games) sitting on some shelves – some of this stuff is pretty rare and I’m sure I don’t take good enough care of it:

Ok, from left to right again, the Sakura Taisen Limited Box (version “A”) for Sega Saturn, the Zone of the Enders Premium Package for PS2, the Interact Alloy Arcade Stick for Dreamcast, and the Samba De Amigo maracas.

More stuff:

Time Crisis II and Vampire Night for PS2, each with GunCon 2, two sets of Para Para Paradise controllers for PS2 (one behind the other), a RedOctane DDR pad and a Dance Performance II pad for PS/PS2. Unpictured but directly behind the two gun games is Point Blank 3 for PS1 with the original GunCon, and then a Sega Saturn Virtua Stick behind that (unfortunately the crappy US one, not the amazing original Japanese model).

Ok. I’m not gonna bother actually listing any of the stuff in the remaining pics – it’s all there in the Excel spreadsheet (or it should be, anyway). Some of the titles you can see, some maybe you can’t, but this is the biggest I could make these photos given my storage limit.

Mostly classic games (Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar & Intellivision):

I used to have all my loose 2600 carts in this drawer too, but they’ve been moved to save space. Here’s most of what’s missing from the above pic:

PS2 and GameCube games:

If you’re wondering why I have so many Rockstar games, it’s because I used to work there. I’ve never even opened my GTA double packs.

Next, Dreamcast (US and Japan), import Saturn and PlayStation 1 games – sorry, I know it’s basically impossible to make out anything in the pic below. I’ll replace this photo at some point. Anyway:

Xbox, N64 and domestic Saturn (plus other miscellaneous bits):

Genesis, a bucket full of handheld games, a pile of Sega Happy Meal toys (despite the quantity I am still missing the Monkey Ball game) and my one Neo Geo AES cart:

Handheld systems used to be in the pic above but now they’re on another shelf:

And as you can see, I am officially out of space for games in my storage units. These games used to be out because I was playing them; now I just have nowhere else to put them:

4 thoughts on “Games and Peripherals”

  1. Dude your collection is amazing. Just spent about an hour reading about all of your consoles. Is very interesting, cheerse for sharing it with us.

  2. yeah,your collection is very amazing…
    i cant believe that someone will collect all the old game systems…
    hahaha,i just throw them away… damn…

  3. hi i want to know where i can import to peru dance performance for play station 2.
    maybe you can know this. thanks
    oh! your collection is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great collection, personally I’m trying to collect everything for the dreamcast and cant find a BBA which is the one thing I want most lol, other than the old kaoroke attachment which would just be a cool conversation starter if anything else. Just wondering where the hell I ended up with all these weird odyssey 2 games o.o’

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