Welcome to my video game collection web site! I originally created this site back in, oh, 2000 or so to show off my then-growing collection of video game systems, classic computers, handhelds and games.

Since then, it’s gone through several iterations, been neglected, got hacked, has gone offline several times without me noticing, and almost became a dead corner of the internet. As you can see, it’s now back online, and I’ve even started updating it again.

I began gaming back in 1977, when my cousins got an Atari VCS. My own first console was a Coleco Telstar Arcade around that same time – it’s long gone and I never replaced it (hence no page for it here). But in 1980, my dad bought me a Mattel Intellivision for Christmas and I was hooked. I was a gamer from then on. When my mom bought me an Apple IIc for Christmas in 1984, it opened up an even larger world of computer gaming for me, and I’ve been a console and computer gaming guy in equal parts ever since.

As I grew up, I eventually took gaming seriously enough to land a job first at a large editorial gaming web site and then at a major New York-based game publisher that I won’t name (but go ahead and guess). I had turned a lifetime of gaming into a full-time career. Funnily enough, this site helped land at least one of those jobs. Unfortunately, it didn’t last – my experience at both jobs soured me on the industry, and I quit to pursue other interests. Sometimes things are best enjoyed in your free time – turning them into work spoils the fun. But I’m still glad I had the experience.

The older I get, the more I find myself gravitating more towards the games and systems I originally found fun as a kid. Interestingly, this site is old enough now that this change has happened since I founded it. Some of what you’ll read here is from my younger perspective, when I had more faith in modern games (and in fact was still naive about the industry itself). But always, I’ve had an appreciation for the classics – it’s only become more amplified as time goes on.

I’ve picked up a few systems – both home consoles and computers – that I need to add here. Also, a few listed on the sidebar are now gone – I may add some kind of “status” notation somehow, somewhere, to each system. But I can’t promise I’ll spend a lot of time keeping this site updated – it is meant to be a static catalog and online museum of the games and systems I’ve had, not an ongoing blog. (If you want that, feel free to visit my personal blog or my newly founded YouTube channel, where I do plan to showcase videos of some of my favorite systems.)

Anyway, take this site for what it is and enjoy.

– Jeff

8 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Awesome site! Great pictures and information. It’s always interesting to hear other peoples’ stories about their video games. Keep us updated!

  2. Nice,well done…
    Fantastic!! I’m only 18 years old right now,so i didn’t get to see the old classic game systems…
    Now i know that there are so many game systems in the past…LOL

  3. love the site, man.
    been diggin through it for a few hours, just relivin the memories.

    check out my link..it’s far from fully filled out, but it’s a very cool game collection community database.

    1. You’re in luck! Almost a year after your comment, I have now updated the site! 🙂

      I’ve posted a couple new computers, and I have a few other things I need to add as well. I’ve really slowed down my collecting, though, so don’t expect a ton of new stuff.

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